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I hear a lot of VDI talk out there from a lot of different people in a lot of different roles.  That's great.  I talk with customers about VDI a lot, it's great technology and should be considered by just about everyone.  To further that conversation, I want to talk about VDI and why it deserves some thought - not just "I want VDI" thought, but real thought about what it is, what it does, what it doesn't do, and how to do it the right way. Some people talk about VDI because they want to sell VDI...
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Watching the Matrix

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Among the many geek themes of the original Matrix movie is the character Tank sitting at a bank of monitors, looking for trouble on cameras and viewing the streaming green characters of the Matrix. If he glances away for a minute he risks missing something. For years after, as a consultant traveling from client to client I saw the green Matrix screen everywhere, either as someone’s desktop wallpaper or as their screensaver. It was a bit of a geek-badge I saw wherever I went. I don’t know about...
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In the traditional world of an on-premises network it is a common practice to implement a defense in depth: multiple layers of networks isolated from one another so that the critical organizational data resides in a secure core. In order for an intruder to access that critical data they have to breach each layer individually, slowing them down, increasing their chances with each layer of either failure or abandonment of the attack in favor of a softer target. But what do you do in a world where ...
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SCCM Collections for Windows 10

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Below is a PS Script I found that will create 45 SCCM collections and includes 5 specifically for Windows 10 systems/devices (you will need to change it to .ps1 or download from here).  I have listed all the collections it creates below and there is a lot of relevance to these collections during an organization’s migration process including “client collections” to facilitate the corralling of the multitude of client versions that might be running rampant “in the wild” … The new version # f...
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App-V issues with Appsense

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Are you trying to leverage App-V 5.x and Appsense?  We came across an issue that even had Microsoft support stumped.  Here was the behaviour that we noticed:When we were refreshing the clients the applications would take about 30 mins before even showing up on the Start Menu. What we found was the the AppSense Filter Drivers were creating issues with the App-V client installation.  It doesn't fail and everything appeared to be normal during installation.  Once we discovered what the problem was ...
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