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App-V issues with Appsense

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Are you trying to leverage App-V 5.x and Appsense?  We came across an issue that even had Microsoft support stumped.  Here was the behaviour that we noticed:

When we were refreshing the clients the applications would take about 30 mins before even showing up on the Start Menu.


What we found was the the AppSense Filter Drivers were creating issues with the App-V client installation.  It doesn't fail and everything appeared to be normal during installation.  Once we discovered what the problem was we created the following steps to ensure the App-V worked properly

  1. Disable the AppSense Services
  2. Reboot the Machine so the AppSense Filer Driver isn't loaded
  3. Install the App-V client
  4. Renable the Appsense Filter Drivers
  5. Reboot the Machine


The App-V logs were not very helpful and this one was very tricky to track down since AppSense, Citrix and Microsoft were all part of the Solution.


Hope this Helps


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