• Leverage The Cloud
    to drive down costs and
    increase agility in workloads.
  • Managed
    VDX provides ongoing management services
    to help you keep the lights on.
  • Datacenter
    VDX can help you transform
    to the modern datacenter.
  • Modernized
    VDX provides ongoing management services
    to help you keep the lights on.


The VDX Cloud Infrastructure Practice covers the services related to core IT datacenter server infrastructure, including on-premise and cloud-based infrastructure, systems management, datacenter consolidation and migration, and disaster recovery and business continuance.

Workspace Modernization

The VDX Workspace Modernization Practice covers all areas of desktop computing, from traditional desktop to virtual desktop infrastructure and all supporting technologies – including Windows 10, imaging, delivery, migration and management

Datacenter Transformation

VDX's view of datacenter transformation is about introspection of your business models and objectives, and then aligning those to a custom solution that provides a scalable infrastructure and application services platform that meets the current demand and future consideration of your end users.


Once a technology has been engineered against a design, and then implemented, what's next? VDX provides ongoing management services for those solutions.  Learn how cost effective and efficient you can be by augmenting your IT staff with the experts at VDX.

What Others Say About Us?

  • Built scalable application virtualization environments to meet growing work from home demands
  • Proved cost effective use of virtual machines for over 10,000 users
  • Provided more than 35,000 users with access to virtualized applications
  • Delivered 300 percent reduction in patch management and infrastructure related costs
  • Decoupled the OS, applications, and user profiles to achieve OS independence
—— Fortune 100
—— Healthcare Insurance Provider

Why Choose Us?

  • Microsoft Managed National System Integrator
  • Microsoft Cloud Partner of the Year Winner
  • Proven Methodology to ensure success and satisfaction
  • One of the fastest growing companies in the US